grandpa smilling and his niece smilling The Iconic Star Logo of Mercer County Senior Citizen Center

Mercer County
Senior Citizen

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June 08 - Rhubarb Fest

June 18 - Prairie State Legal Services

June 27 - BUNCO Lesson 12:30p

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Our Team

Board of Directors

  • President: Randy Chard
    Vice President: Larry McAuley
    Secretary: Annette Speer
    Treasurer: Annette Speer
    Directors: Hal Earl, Marty South, RoseMary Downey, and Doug Sturgill

  • Staff Members

  • Executive Director: Kim Schaefer
  • Michelle Robinson: Outreach Specialist
  • Taylor Weig: Information and Assistance Specialist
  • All staff are SHIP Certified
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